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At Keogh Plumbing, we are your local drain repair and pipe repair specialists in Merimbula, Pambula, and Bega. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, our team utilises advanced technology for effective solutions to even the most stubborn drain blockages. Specialising in both emergency and routine drain repair and pipe repairs, our expert plumbers ensure that your plumbing issues are resolved swiftly and thoroughly.

Drain Blockage Symptoms

Please call us straight away if you’re experiencing any of the following:

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Nasty smells coming from your drain area

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Water gurgling or coming up from your drain

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Showers and toilets draining slowly

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Water coming up from your sewer

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Understanding Drain Blockages and the Importance of Timely Drain Repairs

The most common issues we’ve come across are:

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Flushing foreign objects and wet wipes or too much toilet paper or hair stuck in your drains

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Tree roots blocking and damaging your pipes

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Blocked stormwater drains and gutters


Grease, oil and other foodscraps clogging your drains

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Brad Lambie
Brad Lambie
Honestly, these guys were amazing. We had major pipe relining work completed over Christmas, they worked in a clean and professional manor which meant we could keep our retail store open during the works. They are extremely knowledgeable and more importantly they explain things so it makes sense to average person.
Stephen Grealy
Stephen Grealy
I was very impressed with the professionalism, communication and customer service. They went above and beyond keeping me informed each step of the way in a major sewer pipe replacement and re-lining job and did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves. I highly recommend them
James Dedman
James Dedman
Kristin and Steve were professional and able to find the root cause of our kitchen blockage. They were able to fit us in quickly and get the job done.
Alex Metcalfe
Alex Metcalfe
A very speedy response to my enquiry online. Kristin was friendly and provided an efficient service with a diagnosis of what had caused the problem.

Blocked Drain Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clear a blocked drain without a plumber?

Using supermarket cleaning products to try and clear your drain can cause more harm than good. We recommend giving us a call to investigate the cause of the blockage before trying to clear it yourself. Our professional blocked drain plumbers will be at your home as soon as possible to resolve the issue effectively.


How do tree roots block drains?

One of the most common causes of blocked drains is tree roots in drains. Their root systems can wreak havoc in rainwater and sewer pipes. The roots in your drain will begin to trap debris in your pipes which will eventually lead to a blocked drain, and can lead to a lot of water being wasted through cracks in the pipes. Our team can address these issues with targeted pipe repairs to restore full functionality.


Is there a permanent solution to stop tree roots from blocking drains?

For older, vulnerable pipes, the most effective solution is often to repair or replace them. When it comes to fixing your damaged pipes, we offer a no-dig pipe relining service that is cost effective, fast and permanent. Our professional team will use CCTV cameras to inspect your pipes and will advise you if pipe relining is the best solution for you.


What does a blocked drain smell like?

A blocked drain typically emits a pungent or musty odour, a result of poor water flow and drainage inefficiency. If you detect such a smell, contact our blocked drain plumber immediately to address the issue before it necessitates major drain repair.


What can I do to avoid a blocked drain in the future?

The best way to prevent blocked drains is to have regular maintenance on your drain system. This will help to reduce the risk of future blockages and the need for drain repairs. Here are some tips you can follow at home:

  • Using a drain strainer in your kitchen sink
  • Avoid disposing cooking grease in the kitchen sink
  • Avoid flushing non-toilet paper products (wet wipes, sanitary/feminine hygiene products)


How can a blocked drain be unclogged?

A blocked drain can be unclogged through the use of water jets, plungers, and chemicals, depending on the cause and severity of the blockage. At Keogh Plumbing, we not only use these methods but also employ CCTV equipment to precisely identify and remove materials causing your drain to be blocked, ensuring comprehensive drain and pipe repairs.


What are common indicators that I need drain repairs?

If you notice slow drainage, frequent clogs, or hear gurgling sounds from your pipes, these are signs that your drainage system may need professional attention. Contact us to assess and repair your drains before conditions worsen.

Please give us a call if you would like more information about our drain repair services and to fix your drain problems once and for all.

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