Emergency Plumbing

Qualified and local technicians available 24/7 for emergency plumbing

There’s no such thing as a convenient time for plumbing emergencies, and not knowing who to call only makes it even more difficult. At Keogh Plumbing, we’re the local plumbers of Merimbula and its surrounding suburbs, helping the locals with their plumbing emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What does emergency plumbing involve?

Plumbing emergencies can include:

gas plumbing emergency leaks

Gas leaks

pipe relining icon

Broken pipes

blocked drains

Blocked drains

hot water emergency plumbing

Hot Water

Gas Leaks

There’s no underestimating the dangers that come from a gas leak on a property. From causing gas poisoning, hypoxia, and even fires, there are no compromises to be made if you suspect that your property has a gas leak. At Keogh Plumbing, we specialise in addressing gas leaks and can also maintain and repair gas appliances. We’re available 24/7 for all your emergency gas plumbing needs!


Broken & Burst Pipes

Does the water coming out of your taps look dirty and smell bad? Have you noticed mould growth and puddles of water under your sink? Does your property’s water pressure vary between strong and weak? If you’ve noticed any of these signs, It’s likely you have a burst pipe which will require an emergency plumber. Don’t risk damage to your property and belongings, get in touch with Keogh Plumbing today for all burst pipe enquiries 24/7.


Blocked Drains

If water is overflowing and takes long to drain, we’re available 24/7 for all blocked drain enquiries. We also use plumbing equipment such as drain snakes and CCTV drain cameras to locate and remove materials causing your drains to overflow.


Malfunctioning Hot Water Systems

If the water at your property frequently alternates between being hot and cold, or there isn’t any hot water at all, you’ll need to contact a professional to inspect your hot water system. At Keogh Plumbing, we understand just how inconvenient not having a constant supply of hot water is, which is why we’re available 24/7 whenever your hot water system runs cold.



Emergency Plumbing FAQS

Are Keogh Plumbing’s emergency plumbers available at all times?

Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7 for all plumbing emergencies including gas leaks, blocked drains, and malfunctioning hot water systems. We’re available for emergency plumbing in Merimbula and its surrounding suburbs.


What should you do if you suspect a gas leak in your property?

Gas leaks and any other gas plumbing emergencies are not to be taken lightly, and you should contact our emergency plumbers immediately at 6430 7104.


Do you provide emergency plumbing services for commercial properties?

At Keogh Plumbing, we provide both commercial and residential emergency gas plumbing services for everything from gas leaks to burst pipes.

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