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Eco Solutions in Merimbula, Pambula & Bega

At Keogh Plumbing, we’re all about providing peace of mind and solutions to the residents of Merimbula. As we move towards a more sustainable future, we understand the need to provide our customers with plumbing solutions that not only save the environment but also save them money as well. The eco solutions we offer include solar hot water, rainwater tanks, and septic composting.


Solar hot water system installed on light brown roof, with overcast sky.

Solar Hot Water

With a solar hot water system, not only do you have a reliable and efficient method of supplying your household with hot water, but it also allows you to save significantly on your bills! A solar hot water system can help you save anywhere between 50 to 80 percent while also reducing your carbon footprint.


Solar hot water system installed on light brown roof, with clear sky as background

Rainwater Tanks

When it comes to saving on your bills, it shouldn’t come at the cost of efficiency. A rainwater tank can provide your household with water for washing, drinking, etc, while also ensuring the main water supply of your household is used less often. You’ll have a continuous, reliable supply of water while doing your bit for the environment.


Septic tank installed on rural property outside with surrounding trees

Septic Composting

If you’re trying to watch your water usage, it’s no surprise how much water flushing your toilet can use. Rather than flushing away more money on bills, a composting toilet eliminates the need for flushing and plumbing by offering a completely different way to remove waste. All waste accumulates in a composting chamber beneath the toilet. A quiet fan that’s installed in the chamber removes bad smells and provides both air circulation plus evaporation.



Septic composting toilet installed in bathroom. Bathroom door, toilet paper, and window edge visible.

How much can I save with a solar hot water system?

How much you can save with a solar hot water system will inevitably vary on factors such as your property, usage, and system. On average, most have found they have been able to save anywhere between fifty to eighty-five percent after switching to a solar hot water system for their property.


How does a composting toilet compare to a standard toilet?

A composting toilet does not flush away waste as a normal toilet would. Instead, it stores all waste in a chamber which includes a fan that removes odors while providing circulation and evaporation. The waste is composted with other materials added such as popcorn or sawdust. As a lot of water is used by toilets when flushed, a composting toilet can be a great way to lower your water usage and do your bit for the environment.

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