Roof Plumbing

Prevent damage to your home or business with quality roof plumbing

If the wet weather is causing your property to have roof leaks, it can indicate that your roof vents aren’t sealed properly and require maintenance. At Keogh Plumbing, we offer roof plumbing services to help prevent or stop leaks in order to prevent further damage to your property, because nobody wants mould in their home.

Our roof plumbing services involve the repair and maintenance of roof gutters and coverings. Our expert roof plumbers in Merimbula can also install downpipes and new roofs.

You know well enough that a blocked drain requires a plumber, but what about a roof plumber? There are various signs that your property requires a roof plumber and you may not even realise what they are!


Signs that you need a roof plumber include:

Dirty ceilings: This may occur due to water accumulating in your roof’s crawlspaces

Mould on your ceiling: Another issue that can arise when water accumulates in your roof’s crawlspaces

Blocked roof gutters: This allows water to easily enter your property while allowing water to overflow and accumulate around the bases of your property

Property damage: Water accumulating and leaking can also lead to damage to your property’s structure, namely wooden ones, which can lead to significant damage later on.


If you're dealing with a leaky roof or suspect that your roof’s gutters are clogged, don’t wait until mould grows and for more damage to your property to occur, get in touch with us today for all your roof plumbing enquiries!


Roof Plumbing FAQs

How is a roof plumber different from a standard plumber?
A roof plumber needs to have specific qualifications such as a Certificate 3 in Roof Plumbing or related Tafe courses, with the necessary training when it comes to installing downpipes and repairing roofs.

What if my roof only leaks occasionally?
It’s tempting to think that an occasional roof leak isn’t a problem or will go away eventually. From what we’ve seen in our roof plumbing jobs in and around Merimbula, ignoring any leak from your roof only leads to worse issues over time, costing you more in the long run. It also means you will have a growing mould problem, which can be detrimental to both your property and health.

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